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Quick to install in a matter of weeks, the modular building provides healthcare to urban, rural and remote communities. The 20-40 foot containers can be configured to include four or eight full-service rooms and easily expanded as demand increases. Depending on requirements, the rooms can be arranged to serve as a dispensary, consulting room, surgery room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), examination room or an office for doctors and other healthcare professionals. 

Unreliable electricity access leads to the spoiling of medicine and vaccines as well as the inability to use equipment and interruptions to medical procedures. The Winch Clinic uses, as its base, the Winch Remote Power Unit (“RPU”), which have been successfully deployed in five African countries and operating for over four years. The units have an average design life of 35 years and are successfully and reliably operating in the most remote and harsh environments in Africa.  

Equipped with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and an integrated battery generator, the Winch Clinic is able to run 24/7, supporting air conditioning, ventilation and air filtering, lighting, and water pumping and purification facilities, which are essential for hygiene, as well as ventilators and other specialist devices. A number of power supply options are available, ensuring the Clinic can also power medical equipment and other appliances, VSAT Internet connections, a drone charging platform for the delivery of supplies, and, if necessary, lodgings for medical and administrative staff required to provide care to patients.  

The Winch Clinic can be a permanent fixture but also serve temporary communities or support existing healthcare facilities in times of increased demand as it can swiftly be deployed and redeployed as needed. 

For Government Buyers, long term and affordable export credit facilities are available for all Winch Energy products. Long term financing with repayment periods of up to 18 years are achievable, with fixed rate funding that is lower than can be obtained from the commercial bank market.  

Nicholas Wrigley, CEO of Winch Energy Limited, commented: “Healthcare is fundamental for the communities to develop and thrive, yet too often people are unable to access the services they need due to lack of infrastructure. We have designed the Winch Clinic to be self-contained, cost-effective and powered by clean, renewable energy so it can be swiftly installed exactly where people have the greatest need – particularly important for developing communities in Africa, Asia, Latin and South America.

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only further highlighted the importance of providing healthcare facilities that can reliably run day and night to treat patients and prevent the spread of disease. We are pleased that we have been able to bring forward the launch of the Winch Clinic and introduce it at a time when governments and health organisations are calling for clinics that can quickly be deployed and adapted for testing and treatment in response to the virus.”

For media enquiries, please email winchenergypr@westgatecomms.com or info@winchenergy.com or telephone +44 1732 779 087 or +44 7917 114434