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Gabriel Buck

Gabriel is appointed by Winch Energy to help manage infrastructure transactions and access international finance for projects. He is also the Managing Director at award-winning business consultancy, GKB Ventures Ltd, which promotes organisational growth through cross border trade. 

With more than 40 years’ global banking experience, Gabriel is an expert on securing finance from export credit agencies (ECAs) and the banking market. His specialist knowledge enables Winch Energy to obtain project funding for up to 20 years and to create bespoke, scalable solutions, which support the company’s long-term growth.

Prior to founding GKB Ventures, Gabriel was the Global Head of Barclays ECA & Capex Financing Solutions and assisted the UK government to define strategies for Exporters as commissioner to the Cole Review. He also served as Chairman of the British Bankers’ Association Export & Trade Committee for six years. 

Gabriel is a trustee for the National Youth Agency, a UK government appointed charity responsible for youth work and occupational standards.

Senior Export Credit and Finance Advisor