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Our Technology

Meet the RPU

The  Remote Power Unit or RPU for short is our superstar solution that brings in together best-in-class technology to  support different demand and scope, from commercial activities to rural electrification. 

The RPU is a containerized energy generation and storage system designed to work in equatorial areas. The PV generation units are mounted on a metallic canopy attached to a 40ft container which houses the rest of the equipment. The system has access to battery storage making the RPU a reliable energy source both during the day and at night. 

The Monitoring and control systems are integral components of the RPU, enabling efficient management of energy flows and providing remote control capabilities. Through these systems, we monitor the performance of the PV generator, battery storage, and power distribution. Remote control functionality allows for system adjustments and troubleshooting, minimizing the need for on-site intervention.


Lights, fans, TVs, fridges, electric mills and much more – this is what our customers use our solar PV technology for. Our innovative technology allows even for internet access to households through partnerships with telecom operators. This connectivity opens up opportunities for educational resources, e-commerce, communication, and access to information, contributing to social and economic empowerment.

Why switch to an RPU?

Compared to conventional diesel generators or grid extension, the RPU boasts several advantages

lower cost solution for the end customer, making this an affordable solution for lower income areas

Higher reliability, ensuring a consistent power supply

Lower environmental impact, as it relies on clean solar energy instead of fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution

Higher social impact by improving the quality of life for rural communities, enabling education, healthcare, and economic activities and much more