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There are 840 million people around the world without access to electricity, internet or water. This presents a range of challenges to governments who recognise that lack of access to power, sanitation and telecommunications is a barrier to economic development. Traditional power stations and grid distribution methods are not economically or environmentally viable long-term solutions. Only renewable RPUs offer a truly economically and environmentally sustainable solution to effectively meet growing energy needs and enable socio-economic transformation.

2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects directly and indirectly support the United Nations to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in September 2015.

As well as ensuring access to affordable and sustainable energy, these goals include: 


Reliable, affordable power can help break the cycle of poverty and empower self-sufficiency through increased opportunities for education, healthcare, commerce and employment.

We encourage initiatives that “give something back” to the community, by way of time, effort or a financial contribution. We specifically support non-political initiatives that focus on education and health, as both are critical for economic independence for current and future generations.


Tourism, mining, agriculture and fisheries are the lifeblood of the African economy, yet cannot flourish without access to reliable, sustainable power sources.

Applications of RPUs in industry:

Agri-food chain

Specialised industries – manufacturing, chemical, oil, mining and pharmaceuticals